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Only about 25% of the patients received for treatment are in the first or early stages of tuberculosis, while approximately 47% are in the advanced or last stages. The remaining 27% are in the second stage.

U. of L. Archive Photo

* The most common treatments of tuberculosis were rest, fresh air, good food, and competent medical supervision.

* Lobectomy and Pneumoectomy is where doctors surgically remove infected parts of the lung and sometimes even a whole lung.

* Phrenicotomy (Phrenic Nerve Crush): The nerve supply to one diaphragm is cut off. That diaphragm is paralyzed and remains in a relaxed phase that is higher in the chest. In this way not only are the respiratory movements of the lung diminished but also, due to the rising of the diaphragm slightly in the chest, there is a small decrease in volume of the lung. The diaphragm opposite to the phrenic nerve crush continues to act normally. This allows the lung on the disabled side to heal.

* Heliotherapy, "Sun-treatment" was used in the treatment of tuberculosis of the glands, bones, joints, peritoneum, skin, eyes, genito-urinary tract, and others. Sun bathing helped kill the bacteria that cause TB.

* Thoracoplasty refers to the surgical removal of several rib bones from the chest wall in order to collapse a lung. In the time that this surgery was commonplace, the average patient required the removal of 7-8 ribs. Most surgeons preferred to remove only 2-3 ribs at a time and thus patients had to endure several procedures before the entire thoracoplasty was finished.

* Artificial Pneumothorax is a method of treatment which consists of introduction of air into the pleural cavity, or between the coverings of the lung, which collapses the diseased area, finally leading to complete recovery.

* For patients who could not have Artificial Pneupmothorax for treatment, were prescribed Postural Rest. The patient lies on the affected side and this restricts the excursion of the lung and puts it a partial rest.

* Another treatment for patients who had infections of both lungs is the "shot bag" method. A bag containing one pound of shot is placed on either collarbone of the patient and the amount of shot is increased 4 or 5 ounces each week until the patient is carrying 5 pounds of weight on the upper part of each lung. This restricts the excursions of the lungs, makes them quiescent, teaches correct breathing and produces partial rest for the lungs.

U. of L. Archive Photo

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