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WHS / WGC Timeline of Events
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Timeline of events of one of the last few standing sanatoriums in the world.
(Under Construction)

* Waverly Hills Sanatorium was created by an act of the legislature of 1906.
* In 1907 the first tuberculosis dispensary was opened.
* Waverly Hills Sanatorium, (original hospital) was opened in 1910 with a capacity of 40 patients.
* In 1913 the open-air school for undernourished and pre-tubercular chilren was opened.
* 1923, Started health program in public and parochial schools. 
* Waverly Hills Sanatorium was granted additional accommodations, as the hospital had outgrown the original buildings. A bond issued for $1,000,000 was voted by a large majority in 1923.
* The present commodious buildings were completed in August, 1926 with the new capacity of 435 beds. This building was erected at a cost of $3,625 a bed.
* Nov. 1st - 8th, 1926 - A proclamation, asking the people of louisville to join the Louisville TB Association in observing "Open Window Week," was issued by Dr. C. H. Harris, City Health Officer.
* The 5 (counting the roof top section) story, 435 bed building was formally dedicated Wed., Oct. 20, 1926.
* Oct. 31, 1928, Waverly Halloween Party -
King - James Abraham (Rex) Lile
Queen - Juanita (Regina) Powers
Jester (Appointed by the King & Queen) - Abe Netter
* Oct. 24, 1929 - Only residents of Louisville & Jefferson County were admitted to the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in the future treatment of TB. Announcement was made by Dr. O. O. Miller, superintendent of the institution, following a conference with A. H. Bowman, president of the board.
* Dec. 12, 1929 - The land of Waverly Hills Sanatorium was increased by 159.52 acres when the board purchased for $5,000 from I. Sidney Jenkins the farm of the Hoertz estate. The board made the purchase because of the advantageous price. The property lies near the Arnoldtown Pike.
* May 1st, Waverly Hills Sanatorium had a total of 480 patients. Between 75 and 100 applicants were on the waiting list.
* A nurse at Waverly received a monthly wage of $71.50 which also included meals, laundering, and her uniforms.
* A janitor, one of the unskilled workers not included in the proposed merit system, got $85 a month, it was recalled.
* The telephone operators at the hospital got $80 a month and worked 8 hour days, 7 days a week, with 1 day off per-month.
* Dec. 11, 1955 - Waverly Hills spends about $5.19 a day per-patient. 
* Waverly Hills Sanatorium was closed as a TB hospital in June, 1961.
* October 1962 - Woodhaven Geriatric Center / Woodhaven Medical Services was opened.
* (Date Unconfirmed) July 25, 1980 - Woodhaven Medical Services was court ordered to close due to improper patient care.
* (Date Unconfirmed) 1996 - Seavers sells Waverly and surrounding property to Bob Alberhasky.
* (Date Unconfirmed) 1998 - Waverly is considered for demolition as Bob Alberhasky seeks funding for the erection of a 150 ft. tall statue of Jesus Christ and a adjoining Christian meditation center. The project was later abandoned due to the lack of funding.
* October 28th & 29th 1999- "The Awakening of Waverly Manor" - The Lobby, 1st floor, and east wing reopened for tours, halloween party, & concert from local bands (The Revenants...) by FNK Promotion. Psychic Dr. Peter Moscow conducted.
* 2001, Charles & Tina Mattingly purchase 29 acre property from Bob Alberhasky.
* July 19th, 2001 - Triage Entertainment, the production company behind "Fox's Scariest Places On Earth," films an episode on location at Waverly.
* Halloween - Waverly is reopened again for tours & a haunted hospital attraction. Proceeds went to begin renovations of the Waverly building & property. 
* Renovation of the laundry building starts with the roof.
* Halloween - Waverly is reopened again for tours & a haunted hospital attraction. Proceeds went to renovations of the Waverly building & property. 
* Renovation of the laundry building continues.
* September - Building gets an upgrade for the haunted hospital attraction. Sprinkler system is installed and safety provisions are added to provide for a safe & fun attraction.                                                           * Halloween - Waverly is reopened again for tours & a haunted hospital attraction. Proceeds go to renovation of the Waverly building & property. 
* Renovation of the laundry building continues.
* Another upgrade to the building... windows have started to be replaced.
* The movie "Death Tunnel", was filmed on location at Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Story is based on local Legends, lore, & hauntings. Set to be released in Halloween 2005.
* The documentry "Spooked" also filmed at Waverly by the same production company as the movie "Death Tunnel". The documentary  explores local legends, lore, history, and hauntings. Due to be released in Halloween 2004?
* Halloween - Waverly is reopened again for tours & a haunted hospital attraction. Proceeds go to renovation of the Waverly building & property. 

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