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Official Waverly Hills Sanatorium/ Woodhaven Geriatric Center Memorial & Historical Resource

Patients of W.H.S. & W.G.C. (U to X)
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Levels of the Main Sanatorium Building (Built in 1926)
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Louisville, KY TB Death Rates
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Oscar Uhler (TB, KDR, *1945)
Ida Katherine Ulmer (TB, KDR, *1951)
 Monroe Underood (TB, S)
Morris Underwood (TB, KDR, *1946)
Leo L. Unegli (TB, KDR, *1946)
Walter Leroy Upton (TB, KDR, *1937) 

Alfelna Valentine (TB, KDR, *1937)
Mattie Valentine (TB, KDR, *1934)
James Howard Vanarsdale (TB, KDR, *1938)
Malinda Van Cleave (TB, KDR, *1932)
Artelia Miller Vance (TB, KDR, *1944)
James Vanderhoff (TB, NP)
Angia VanMeter (TB, KDR, *1947)
Clinton B. VanMeter (TB, KDR, *1938)
William Kirkwood Van Meter (TB, KDR, *1932)
    Cord Vardeman (TB, 30)
James Vardeman (TB, 30)
Sidney Vardeman (TB, KDR, *1948)
Thomas Vardeman (TB, 30)
Amelia Vaughn (TB, KDR, *1944)
Cobert Vaughn (TB, KDR, *1938)
Joseph Veihl (TB, KDR, *1944)
Clarence Lee Vertress (TB, KDR, *1932)
Gilbert Vest (TB, KDR, *1942)
Eugene B. Veteto (TB, KDR, *1944)
George Vick (TB, NP)
Fred Vierling (TB, KDR, *1946)
Ovie Francis Vincent (TB, NP)
Victor Vincent (TB, KDR, *1927)
Melvin Vinson (TB, KDR, *1926)
Atherton Vittitow (TB, KDR, *1945)
Charles Vittitow (TB, KDR, *1947)
Chester R. Vittitow (TB, KDR, *1946)
Mary Kathryn Voll (TB, S)
Russell Vonderfelt (TB, NP)
Charles Vornor (TB, KDR, *1945)
John Vowels (TB, KDR, *1951)

Larry Leon Waddell (TB, KDR, *1942)
Walker Waddell (TB, KDR, *1940)
Willie Waddell (TB, KDR, *1932)
Charles Elmore Wade (TB, S)
Lethia Ruth Wade (TB, KDR, *1950)
Anna Wagner (TB, KDR, *1932)
Lee Roy Wagner (TB, KDR, *1944)
Mary Wagner (TB, KDR, *1941)
William Henry Wagner (TB, KDR, *1943)
Elizabeth Mary Wahl (Nurse, KDR, *1947)
Ethel Wakefield (TB, KDR, *1928)
Harry Waldridge (TB, KDR, *1942)
Frederick Waldrip (TB, KDR, *1937)
Arthur Walker (TB, KDR, *1944)
Edith Walker (TB, 30)
Edith P. Walker (TB, KDR, *1944)
Henry Walker (TB, KDR, *1949)
John Louis Walker (TB, KDR, *1953)
Lillian Ruth Walker (TB, KDR, *1938)
Price Walker, Jr. (TB, KDR, *1951)
Thomas Walker (TB, KDR, *1936)
Viola D. Walker (TB, KDR, *1945)
Burley O. Wallace (TB, KDR, *1945)
Byron Wallace (TB, KDR, *1945)
Emmett Wallace, Jr. (TB, KDR, *1940)
Jessie Raymond Wallace (TB, KDR, *1951)
Mona Miller Wallace (TB, KDR, *1945)
Agnes Waller (TB, KDR, *1943)
Marie Walsh (TB, 20)
Mary Walsh (TB, KDR, *1940)
Robert William Walsh (TB, KDR, *1951)
William Thomas Walsh (TB, KDR, *1951)
Robert Peter Walterman (TB, KDR, *1951)
Dora Walters (TB, KDR, *1941)
Harold H. Walter (TB, KDR, *1935)
Morris Walters (TB, NP)
Owen William Walters (TB, KDR, *1943)
Willis N. Walters (TB, KDR, *1941)
George Walton (TB, KDR, *1934)
Thomas Warner (TB, KDR, *1936)
Thomas Wathen (TB, KDR, *1940)
Clem Walton (TB, KDR, *1943)
George Walton (TB, KDR, *1934)
Nellie Waltrip (TB, KDR, *1942)
Jesse Ward (TB, KDR, *1928)
Emmett Louis Ware (TB, KDR, *1944)
Martha Ware (TB, 20)
Emma Warfield (TB, KDR, *1928)
Emmit Warfield (TB, KDR, *1946)
Ida Belle Warren (TB, KDR, *1952)
James Warren (TB, KDR, *1952)
Katie Mae Warrens (TB, KDR, *1928)
Lula Warrens (TB, KDR, *1941)
Charles Washington (TB, KDR, *1949)
Eugene Washington (TB, KDR, *1937)
Robert Washington (TB, KDR, *1945)
Thomas Washington (TB, KDR, *1943)
Edmond Waters (TB, KDR, *1939)
Luther E. Waters (TB, KDR, *1944)
Bertha Mae Wathen (TB, KDR, *1951)
Eva Belle Watkins (TB, KDR, *1953)
Gillie Watkins (TB, NP)
John Watkins (TB, KDR, *1945)
Braxton Watson (TB, KDR, *1953)
Joseph Elmer Watson (TB, KDR, *1944)
Margaret Florence Watson (TB, KDR, *1950)
Robert Watson (TB, KDR, *1952)
Willie Watson (TB, KDR, *1939)
Roy Wayne (TB, KDR, *1935)
Larry Weatherby (TB, S)
William Weatherford (TB, KDR, *1948)
Carrie Belle Weathers (TB, KDR, *1951)
Roy D. Weathers (TB, KDR, *1950)
Charles Weaver (TB, KDR, *1944)
Charles P. Weaver (TB, KDR, *1938)
Glen P. Weaver (TB, KDR, *1935)
John Weaver (TB, KDR, *1945)
Lena Canada Weaver (TB, KDR, *1948)
Richard Weaver (TB, KDR, *1935)
Dorothy Webb (TB, NP)
Mary Webb (TB, KDR, *1941)
Robert Webb (TB, KDR, *1947)
Thomas M. Webb (TB, KDR, *1940)
William Webb, Jr. (TB, KDR, *1937)
Ethel Weber (TB, KDR, *1941)
Hugo Weber (TB, KDR, *1947)
??? Weese (Waverly Quilt)
Louise Weidner (TB, KDR, *1932)
Jacob Weiner (TB, KDR, *1932)
Betty Isabell Welch (TB, KDR, *1946)
Edward Welch (TB, KDR, *1947)
Mollie Welch (TB, KDR, *1948)
Rufus Welch (Orderly, KDR, *1947)
Anna Weldin (TB, KDR, *1911)
Corine Wells (TB, KDR, *1936)
Iva (or Ivory) McGaha Wells (TB, S)
Lucy Wells (TB, KDR, *1939)
Michael Francis Welsh (TB, KDR, *1945)
Wilbert Welsh (TB, KDR, *1936)
Fred Welter (TB, NP)
Daniel F. Wempe (TB, KDR, *1937)
Lizzie Wessel (TB, KDR, *1941)
James R. West (TB, NP)
Ida R. Wetterer (TB, KDR, *1945)
Joseph Whalen (TB, NP, KDR, *1934)
Joseph Whalen (TB, KDR, *1948)
Fred Wheatley (TB, KDR, *1928)
Mary Wheatly (TB, 30)
Arden Wheeler (TB, KDR, *1946)
Ella Omer Wheeler (TB, KDR, *1944)
Veachel Wheeler (TB, KDR, *1945)
Walter Wheeler (TB, 30)
Mary Elizabeth Whitaker (TB, NP)
Omer Ray Whitaker (TB, KDR, *1950)
Beatrice White (TB, KDR, *1946)
Cleo White (TB, KDR, *1943)
Erica White (TB, KDR, *1944)
George White (TB, KDR, *1941)
Grace White (TB, S)
James White (TB, KDR, *1911)
Sam White (TB, KDR, *1939)
Robert Whited (TB, NP)
David Whitehead, Jr. (TB, KDR, *1947)
Ernestine Whitehead (TB, KDR, *1950)
Raymond Whitehead (TB, KDR, *1932)
Newman Whitford (TB, KDR, *1928)
Robert Martin Whitley (TB, KDR, *1949)
John Whitlow (TB, KDR, *1947)
James Fry Whitman (G, S, *1969)
Mattie B. Whitman (TB, S, *1957)
Mayme Whitmore (TB, S, KDR, *1937)
Harry Whitney (TB, KDR, *1932)
Zelma Whittaker (TB, S)
Charles Whittinghill (TB, KDR, *1936)
Shelby Whitworth (TB, NP)
Earnest Wick (G, S)
Aleine Wiegand (TB, KDR, *1937)
Pauline Wigginton (TB, KDR, *1944)
George Wiggington (TB, NP)
Nettie Wiley (TB, KDR, *1942)
Sarah Wiley (TB, KDR, *1948)
Lorena Wilhelm (TB, KDR, *1935)
Floyd Wilkerson (TB, KDR, *1944)
James Ade Wilkerson (TB, KDR)
Raphay Wilkerson, Jr. (TB, KDR, *1945)
Robert Wilkerson (TB, KDR, *1944)
Eura Lee Wilkins (TB, KDR, *1942)
Frank Wilkins (TB, KDR, *1928)
John Cromwell Wilkins (TB, KDR, *1934)
Louis Ernest Wilkins (TB, KDR, *1943)
Robert Wilkins (TB, KDR, *1951)
Wesley Wilkins (TB, 20)
William B. Wilkins (TB, KDR, *1928)
John F. Will (Myocarditis, KDR, *1932)
William Willet (TB, KDR, *1912)
Bernadette Williams (TB, KDR, *1945)
Bernard Williams (TB, NP)
Bessie Williams (TB, 30)
Bryn Williams (TB, 30)
Cleveland Williams (TB, KDR, *1952)
Elnora Williams (TB, KDR, *1949)
Geneva Williams (TB, KDR, *1945)
Golden Williams (TB, NP)
Hattie Williams (TB, KDR, *1912)
Henry Williams (TB, KDR, *1943)
James Welles Williams (TB, KDR, *1942)
Joseph F. Williams (TB, KDR, *1946)
Joseph J. Williams (TB, KDR, *1928)
Josephine M. Williams (TB, KDR, *1953)
Mack Williams (TB, KDR, *1932)
Mae Williams (TB)
Mary Williams (TB, 30)
Mary Frances Williams (TB, KDR, *1951)
Mary Helen Williams (TB, NP)
Mary Lucy Williams (TB, KDR, *1941)
McKey Williams (TB, KDR, *1943)
Ray Johnson Williams (TB, KDR, *1948)
William Williams (TB, KDR, *1946)
Willie Williams (TB, KDR, *1912)
Fred L. Willinghurst (TB, KDR, *1935)
George Willis (TB, KDR, *1932)
Harry Willis (TB, KDR, *1945)
Joseph Willis (TB, KDR, *1938)
Pauline Willmes (TB, KDR, *1932)
Ada Mae Wilson (TB, KDR, *1935)
Albert Wilson (TB, S)
Anna Wilson (TB, NP)
Arzo Wilson (TB, KDR, *1943)
Betty Wilson (TB, KDR, *1948)
Beverly Lee Wilson (TB, KDR, *1947)
Charles H. Wilson (TB, KDR, *1952)
Hughlett Wilson (TB, KDR, *1942)
Joseph T. Wilson (TB, KDR, *1944)
Juanita Wilson (TB, KDR, *1943)
Rev. Kirby Wilson (TB, KDR, *1946)
Lealla Wilson (TB, S)
Louise Wilson (TB, S, KDR *1934)
Nora Wilson (TB, 20)
Orell Wilson (TB, KDR, *1951)
Oscar Wilson (TB, KDR, *1936)
Solomon Wilson (TB, KDR, *1945)
Vera May Wilson (TB, KDR, *1932)
Virginia Margaret Wilson (TB, KDR, *1943)
Wilbert Graham Wilson (TB, KDR, *1943)
Mary Raniero Wilt (TB, KDR, *1937)
Classie Wimberly (TB, NP)
Mary Alice Wims (NP)
John M. Wimsett (TB, KDR, *1944)
John William Winbun (TB, KDR, *1944)
Hazel Windham (TB, KDR, *1948)
Howard L. Winebrenner (TB, KDR, *1949)
Gabriel Winfield (TB, KDR, *1944)
Eugene Wingate (TB, KDR, *1951)
Jessie Lee Winston (TB, KDR, *1952)
Raymond Winston (TB, KDR, *1947)
Henry J. Wirth (TB, KDR, *1951)
Joseph Michael Wirth (TB, KDR, *1944)
Victor John Wirth (TB, KDR, *1949)
Lucian Lee Wiseman (TB, KDR, *1953)
Albert C. Wolff (TB, KDR, *1934)
Scott Wood (TB, KDR, *1953)
Oliver Woodard (TB, NP)
James C. Wooden (TB, 30)
Janie Lee Woodford (TB, KDR, *1947)
Dora Woods (TB, KDR, *1938)
Evelyn Woods (TB, KDR, *1940)
John Woods (TB, KDR, *1949)
Mary Helen Woods (TB, KDR, *1952)
Moses Woods (TB, KDR, *1947)
Leroy Woody (TB, KDR)
Charles Leslie Wooldridge (TB, KDR, *1946)
Frank Thomas Woolfolk (TB, KDR, *1949)
Carl B. Woolfork (TB, KDR, *1942)
Mary Woosley (TB, KDR, *1937)
Josephine Worland (TB, KDR, *1938)
James P. Wren (TB, KDR, *1928)
Thomas Henry Wrenne (TB, KDR, *1944)
Brooks Wright (TB, KDR, *1942)
Ethel Marie Wright (TB, KDR, *1946)
Gilmore P. Wright (TB, KDR, *1947)
Hallie Wright (TB, KDR, *1938)
Henry Wright (TB, KDR, *1934)
Leo Herman Wright (TB, S, *1956)
Mamie Wright (TB, KDR, *1928)
Owen Wright (TB, KDR, *1941)
Richard Forest Wright (TB, KDR, *1937)
Spencer Wright (TB, KDR, *1938)
Walter Wright (TB, NP)
Willie Wright (TB, KDR, *1950)
Joseph D. Wyatt (TB, KDR, *1950)
George Wyrick (TB)
Lucile A. Wyrtele (TB, KDR, *1934)


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