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Official Waverly Hills Sanatorium/ Woodhaven Geriatric Center Memorial & Historical Resource

Patients of W.H.S. & W.G.C. (A to D)
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What is TB (Tuberculosis)?
Treatments for TB Patients
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Levels of the Main Sanatorium Building (Built in 1926)
Surrounding Buildings
The Underground Tunnel aka.. The Body Chute
WHS / WGC Timeline of Events
Misc. Facts about Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Louisville, KY TB Death Rates
Patients of W.H.S. / W.G.C.
Doctors & Staff of W.H.S. / W.G.C.
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Thomas C. Abbott (TB, KDR, *1912)
Mary Delores Abner (NP, 1953 Waverly Herald)
Helen Abraham (TB, KDR, *1939)
Achart Ackley (TB, KDR, *1914)
Stella Acres (20)
Arthur R. Adams (TB, KDR, *1933)
Arthur R. Adams (TB, KDR, *1946)
Charles Adams (TB, KDR, *1933)
George Adams (TB, KDR, *1942)
Mrs. Gertrude Adams (TB, KDR, *1937)
Irene Adams (TB, KDR, *1938)
Maggie Adams (TB, KDR, *1914)
Mamie (Mary Johnson) Adams (TB, KDR, *1949)
Nathan Adams (TB, KDR, *1918)
Ora Lee Adams (1953 Waverly Herald)
Oscar Adams (30)
Readies Adams (TB, KDR, *1953)
Samuel Adams (TB, KDR, *1919)
Virginia Adams (30)
Jennie Adcock (TB, KDR, *1953)
Willie Russell Adcock (TB, KDR, *1947)
Glen Adkins (1953 & 1955 Waverly Herald)
Rev. Louis Adkins (TB, KDR, *1945)
Mary A. Aebersold (S)
Tom Agee (TB, KDR, *1913)
Ruby P. Akridge (TB, KDR, *1940)
Olive Albertson (TB, KDR, *1929)
Catherine Albrecht (TB, KDR *1935)
Everett Linden Aldridge (TB, KDR, *1950)
Charlie Alexander (TB, KDR, *1950)
Elbert Alexander (1953 Waverly Herald)
Lucile Alexander (TB, KDR, *1918)
Nora Alexander (20)
Mrs. Emma Belle All (TB, KDR, *1934)
Bennie Allen (TB, KDR, *1927)
Bessie May Allen (TB, KDR, *1915)
David Allen (TB, KDR, *1934)
Elizabeth Allen (1955 Waverly Herald)
Geo. Allen (TB, KDR, *1914)
Herbert Lee Allen (TB, KDR, *1940)
Homer Allen (TB, KDR, *1931)
Horace Allen (TB, KDR, *1948)
James Allen (TB, KDR, *1944)
John Allen (1955 Waverly Herald)
Joseph Lee Allen (TB, KDR, *1944)
Margaret Allen (TB, KDR, *1941)
Martha Allen (S)
Newlin Allen (TB, KDR, *1935)
Thomas Allen (TB, KDR, *1930)
Vertie Margaret Allen (S)
Violet James Allen (TB, KDR, *1948)
Willard Allen (TB, KDR, *1951)
Willie Mae Allen (TB, KDR, *1944)
Edward Allis (TB, KDR, *1948)
Ethel Allison (TB, KDR, *1916)
Marcus Blakey Allmond (TB, KDR, *1937)
John Alsey (TB, KDR, *1912)
Mrs. Marguerita Alsop (TB, KDR, *1938)
Henry Ambrosius (TB, KDR, *1912)
Anna Ammon (G,S)
Maude Ammon (S)
Ada Anderson (G,S)
Charles Chester Anderson (TB, KDR, *1953)
Fredrick Meshack Anderson (TB, KDR, *1915)
James Anderson (TB, KDR, *1914)
Letha Elizabeth Kalfus Anderson (TB, KDR, *1948)
Louise Anderson (TB, KDR, *1945)
Mary Anderson (TB, KDR, *1947)
Mattie Anderson (TB, KDR, *1926)
Anderson Andrews (TB, KDR, *1939)
Frank C. Andrews (TB, KDR, *1941)
Thomas Jefferson Angel (TB, KDR, *1944)
Verna Antes (Group Photo)
Mary Elizabeth Antle (TB, KDR, *1915)
Alice Marie App (S)
Bernard W. App (TB, KDR, *1932)
Evelyn App (1953 Waverkly Herald)
Nannie A. Applegate (TB, KDR, *1920)
Evans Armstrong (TB, KDR, *1952)
Joseph George Arnold (TB, KDR, *1949)
Lettie Arnold (TB, KDR, *1929)
Lonzo Arnold (TB, KDR, *1935)
Mabel Lee Arnold (TB, KDR, *1939)
Naomi Arnold (TB, 30, KDR, *1940)
Handly Dismute Arterberry (TB, KDR, *1950)
Edwin A. Arthur (TB, KDR, *1929)
Joseph Aryes (TB, KDR, *1917)
H. B. Asgen? (30)
Amanda Ashby (S)
Edd Price Ashby (TB, KDR, *1915)
Ruby Jane Ashby (S)
Gladys Asheer (Group Photo)
John Ashley (TB, KDR, *1940)
Athleen Askin (TB, KDR, *1941)
Lillian Atha (TB, KDR, *1950)
Mrs. Sue Atherton (TB, KDR, *1930)
Andrew Atkins (TB, KDR, *1934)
Charles Atkins (TB, KDR, *1912)
Chester Atkins (TB, KDR, *1949)
Raymond L. Atkins (TB, KDR, *1933)
Willie Mae Atkins (TB, KDR, *1926)
Charlie Atwell (TB, KDR, *1926)
Mr. Charles Aubrey (TB, KDR, *1940)
Ray M. Aubrey (TB, KDR, *1941)
John Avery (TB, KDR, *1912) 
Meta Ayers (TB, KDR, *1920)
Royce Ayers (TB, KDR, *1936)
Sam Ayers (TB, KDR, *1927)

Lawrence Charleston Babbage (NP)
Ely Claranton Baccus (TB, KDR, *1949)
Mildred Bachelor (1955 Waverly Herald)
Joseph Bacigolupi (TB, KDR, *1951)
Darrell Baher (TB, KDR, *1930)
James W. Baier (1953 Waverly Herald, DC 1953)
Charles Allen Bailey (TB, KDR, *1946)
Frank Bailey (TB, KDR, *1938)
Robert Bailey (TB, KDR, *1937)
Ruth Willis Bailey (TB, KDR, *1945)
Samuel Bailey (TB, KDR, *1946)
William Bailey (TB, KDR, *1937)
Emily Baird (30)
Mae Baize (TB, KDR, *1948)
Andie Baker (TB, KDR, *1948)
Ida Mae Baker (TB, KDR, *1949)
Jossie Baker (TB, KDR, *1939)
Lottie Baker (TB, KDR, *1913)
Louis E. Baker (TB, KDR, *1946)
Mamie Ellen Baker (TB, KDR, *1945)
Murel Baker (TB, KDR, *1946)
Oliver Baker (TB, KDR, *1948)
Sarah Baker (TB, KDR, *1946)
Van Baker (TB, KDR, *1944)
Bede Ballard (TB, KDR, *1947)
William Ballard (TB, KDR, *1916)
Mathew Ballenger (TB, KDR, *1914)
James W. Ballow (TB, KDR, *1927)
Ethel Balord (30)
Albert Leander Banks (TB, KDR, *1949)
Maude Banks (TB, KDR, *1946)
Pearl Elizabeth Banks (TB, KDR, *1946)
William Edward Banks (TB, KDR, *1944)
Arthur Thomas Barbee (TB, KDR, *1947)
Wilthe Barbee (TB, KDR, *1928)
Nathen Barber (TB, KDR, *1947)
Bertha Barbey (TB, KDR, *1930)
Thomas Barbo (TB, KDR, *1946)
Mansel Thomas Bard (TB, KDR, *1946)
Eddie Barker (TB, KDR, *1915)
Gertrude Barker (Autograph Book)
Mamie Barker (30)
Mary Francis Barker (TB, KDR, *1946)
William Barker (TB, KDR, *1935)
Joseph F. Barks (TB, KDR, *1934)
Mary H. Guest Barksdale (S)
Hazel Barlett (TB, KDR, *1931)
Bertha Barnes (TB, KDR, *1917)
Claire Kathryn Barnes (TB, KDR, *1950)
Elbert Barnes (TB, KDR, *1947)
Jake Barnes (1953 Waverly Herald)
James Emmett Barnes (1953 Waverly Herald)
Katherine Barnes (S)
Mildred Gwin Barnes (TB, KDR, *1926)
John Barnett (TB, KDR, *1944)
Margaret Barnett (TB, KDR, *1934)
Mayola Barnett (1955 Waverly Herald)
Thornton Barnett (TB, KDR, *1946)
Vera Barnett (TB, KDR, *1929)
George William Barrett (TB, KDR, *1946)
James J. Barrett (TB, KDR, *1949)
Phillip H. Barrett (TB, KDR, *1931)
Emmons Basham (S)
Viola Basham (TB, KDR, *1914)
Alexander Basler (TB, KDR, *1914)
Walter Hampton Basler (S)
William Bass (TB, KDR, *1937)
John Edward Bates (TB, KDR, *1935)
Fannie Bath (G, S)
Barbara Bauer (G,S)
Nick Batrina (TB, KDR, *1933)
Frank Leonard Batson (TB, KDR, *1947)
Charles Batton (TB, KDR, *1933)
Howard Baud (TB, KDR, *1937)
Ada Mae Bauer (TB, KDR, *1936)
Barbara Bauer (S)
Margaret Baugh (Southwest Weekly)
Ben F. Baughman (TB, KDR, *1950)
Gerard Antony Bauscher (NP)
Martin Frank Bayer (TB, KDR, *1949)
Nellie Beach (TB, KDR, *1941)
Lonnie Beacham (TB, KDR, *1946)
Mary Lee Beale (TB, KDR, *1933)
Norma Lee Beams (TB, KDR, *1949)
William Bean (TB, KDR, *1950)
Georgia Richie Beard (TB, KDR, *1929)
Sina Beard (20)
Vina Beard (20)
Elizabeth Beasey (TB, KDR, *1938)
Nettie Beasley (TB, KDR, *1944)
William Beasley (TB, KDR, *1952)
Martin Beatty (TB, KDR, *1934)
Casper J. Beck (TB, KDR, *1941)
Fred L. Beck (TB, 30, KDR, *1931)
Leota Becker (TB, KDR, *1939)
Bessie Jean Beckley (1953 Waverly Herald)
Frances Lena Beckmann (TB, KDR, *1944)
Robert Beech (TB, KDR, *1940)
George Walter Beeler (TB, KDR, *1951)
Carrie Bell (TB, KDR, *1934)
Clarence Bell (TB, KDR, *1946)
George Bell (TB, KDR, *1927)
James Bell (TB, KDR, *1930)
Joseph Edward Bell (TB, KDR, *1943)
Mary Katherine Bell (TB, KDR, *1945)
Thomas Bell, Jr. (TB, KDR, *1939)
Thomas E. Bell (TB, KDR, *1936)
Josephine Bench (TB, KDR, *1942)
Bob Benefiel (1955 Waverly Herald)
Dorothy E. Neighbors Bennett (TB, KDR, *1946)
Emmett Bennett (TB, KDR, *1937)
Sarah F. Bennett (TB, KDR, *1912)
Tyrie Riley Bennett (TB, KDR, *1936)
Henry Benningfield (TB, KDR, *1948)
James Bensley (TB, KDR, *1911)
Marie Berghaus (TB, KDR, *1927)
"Major" Alfred Berkley (TB, KDR, *1932)
W. B. Bernett (30)
Edward Berry, Jr. (TB, KDR, *1946)
George P. Berry (TB, KDR, *1928)
Joseph Berry (TB, KDR, *1950)
Laura E. Berry (TB, KDR, *1942)
Marion O. Berry (TB, KDR, *1929)
Mattie Berry (TB, KDR, *1917)
Robert Berry (TB, KDR, *1911)
Robert A. Berry (TB, KDR, *1930)
Tom Berry (TB, KDR, *1914)
Arthur Berryman (TB, KDR, *1933)
Rosa Berryman (TB, KDR, *1928)
Allen Bethel (1955 Waverly Herald)
Clemond Beyer (TB, KDR, *1938)
Ethel Bibb (TB, KDR, *1937)
Mabel Bibb (TB, KDR, *1944)
Edward Lee Bible (TB, KDR, *1942)
Viola Bickett (TB, KDR, *1929)
Clarence W. Biedenbach (TB, KDR, *1942)
Albert Bierbaum (TB, KDR, *1920)
Marion J. Gibson Biffle (TB, KDR, *1941)
Wallace Bigelow (S)
Christie Biggers (TB, KDR, *1928)
Willie J. Bilbrey (TB, KDR, *1951)
James Bills (TB, KDR, *1932)
Nannie Binell (20)
Crit D. Bird (TB, KDR, *1913)
Mary Birdwell (TB, KDR, *1931)
Adam Birkenmeyer (TB, S,  KDR, *1950)
Austin C. Bishop (TB, KDR, *1938)
London Bishop (TB, KDR, *1929)
Lucy Bishop (TB, KDR, *1941)
William Bishop (TB, KDR, *1946)
John B. Bitzer (TB, KDR, *1940)
Susie Bell Bivens (TB, KDR, *1948)
Geo. Black (TB, KDR, *1914)
Marcie Frances Black (TB, KDR, *1946)
Robert T. Black (TB, KDR, *1933)
William Earl Black (TB, KDR, *1943)
Margaret Jones Blackerby (TB, KDR, *1944)
Amelia Blain (TB, KDR, *1945)
George W. Blair (TB, KDR, *1933)
John Wesley Blair (TB, KDR, *1950)
Marvin Blair (Autograph Book)
Paul W. Blair (TB, KDR, *1947)
Rosie Lee Blair (TB, KDR, *1949)
Sarah Blair (TB, KDR, *1935)
Lela Blake (TB, KDR, *1914)
Fred Blakely (TB, KDR, *1945)
Addie B. Bland (TB, KDR, *1948)
Charles Henry Bland (TB, KDR, *1948)
Denia Bland (TB, KDR, *1917)
William David Bland (TB, KDR, *1952)
Thomas Blandford (TB, KDR, *1915)
Walter Henry Blandford, Jr. (TB, KDR, *1946)
Dorothy Blanford (NP)
Mary Rosaline Blanton (TB, KDR, *1939)
Anna Gilkey Blatz (G, S)
Virgie Mae Bledsoe (TB, KDR, *1943)
Andrew S. Bleuel (TB, KDR, *1941)
George Blinco (TB, KDR, *1944)
Hattie Bliss (TB, KDR, *1937)
David Bloat (TB, KDR, *1939)
Joseph Block (TB, KDR, *1935)
Bessie Blythe (TB, KDR, *1930)
Harold Blythe (TB, KDR, *1932)
Emmitt Board (TB, KDR, *1947)
Gus Board (30)
Thomas Bobie (TB, KDR, *1914)
George A. Bobzeen (TB, KDR, *1913)
Anthony Bockhoff (TB, KDR, *1914)
Basil J. Bodenmiller (TB, KDR, *1943)
Albert Boes (TB, KDR, *1942)
Fidelis C. Boes (30,S)
Simon Bogner (TB, KDR, *1948)
Anna Bogue (TB, KDR, *1911)
Charles Henry Bohannon (TB, KDR, *1935)
Eulah Bohannon (TB, KDR, *1931)
Susie Bohanon (TB, KDR, *1916)
Albert N. Bohn (TB, KDR, *1945)
Anna Bohn (TB, KDR, *1915)
Rueben Bokel (TB, KDR, *1931)
Lovell Bolan, Jr. (TB, KDR, *1936)
William Bolander (TB, KDR, *1915)
Roberta Boling (TB, KDR, *1918)
Bertha Bolton (TB, KDR, *1929)
Ida May Bolton (S)
Howard Bond (TB, KDR, *1937)
Ralph Bond (TB, KDR, *1912)
Corine Bondurant (TB, KDR, *1944)
Rosie Harper Booker (TB, KDR, *1942)
Mildred Boone (TB, KDR, *1913)
Altona Booze (TB, KDR, *1938)
Constance L. Borcherding (TB, KDR, *1953)
Edna Borders (TB, KDR, *1947)
Hite Borders (TB, KDR, *1948)
Virginia Borders (TB, KDR, *1936)
Fred Borho (TB, KDR, *1927)
Tillie Bornstein (TB, KDR, *1912)
Viola Christine Boss (TB, KDR, *1952)
Robert Bostic (20)
Frank Boswell (S)
William Bott (TB, KDR, *1942)
Bobby Bottoms (1955 Waverly Herald)
Owen K. Bottorff (TB, KDR, *1947)
Allie Bottoroff (TB, KDR, *1933)
Fred Bouke (TB, KDR, *1914)
Catherine Josephine Bowen (TB, KDR, *1950)
Frank Nelson Bowen (TB, KDR, *1949)
Ruth Bowerman (TB, KDR, *1949)
Gladys Jewell Bowles (TB, S, KDR, *1927)
Frank Bowman (TB, 30, S, KDR, *1931)
Joseph Bowman (TB, KDR, *1914)
Margaret Bowman (TB, KDR, *1943)
Raymond Belamore Bowman (TB, KDR, *1952)
Willie Cairl Bowman (TB, KDR, *1947)
Mary Boyd (TB, KDR, *1942)
Grace Bell Boyer (TB, KDR, *1927)
Clyde E. Boykin (S)
Melvin Boykin (TB, KDR, *1941)
William Boyland alias Richard Taylor (TB, KDR, *1950)
Edward Boyle (TB, KDR, *1914)
John Bracken, Jr. (TB, KDR, *1945)
John Bradbury (1953 Waverly Herald)
Ida Braden (TB, KDR, *1948)
James Bradford (1955 Waverly Herald)
Alice Bradley (20)
Delbert Bradley (TB, KDR, *1933)
Thomas Bradley (TB, KDR, *1934)
Virginia Bradley (TB, KDR, *1928)
Abraham Bradshaw (TB, KDR, *1937)
Lucille Inez Bradshaw (S)
James Ralph Brady (TB, KDR, *1936)
John Richard Brady (RW)
Clorine Bramble (TB, KDR, *1932)
Gilbert Brandenburg (TB, KDR, *1941)
Joan Brandon (1953 Waverly Herald)
Maggie Frances Dora Bratcher (TB, KDR, *1916)
Ms. ??? Bratchie (S)
Clarence Bray (TB, KDR, *1917)
Irene Bray (TB, KDR, *1937)
Lula Evelyn Breckinridge (TB, KDR, *1944)
Luther Bruce Breckenridge (TB, KDR, *1944)
Viola Eva Breckinridge (TB, KDR, *1951)
John Breining (TB, KDR, *1911)
John J. Brennan (TB, KDR, *1929)
Louis Herman Brenner (TB, KDR, *1950)
Rebecca Alice Brenner (TB, KDR, *1916)
Harvey Brent (NP)
Will Brent (TB, KDR, *1915)
David L. Brentlinger (TB, KDR, *1944)
Edward L. Brentlinger (TB, KDR, *1944)
Eugenia Brents (TB, KDR, *1945)
Lena Brewer (TB, KDR, *1929)
Mattie Bell Brewer (TB, KDR, *1945)
Fannie Brice (TB, KDR, *1915)
Lillian Bridmire? (30)
Laura Bell Bridwell (TB, KDR, *1937)
Lester E. Brieder (TB, KDR, *1932)
Arbella Bright (30)
Lettie Marie Christie Bright (S)
Elizabeth Brigman (TB, KDR, *1940)
Josephine Brill (TB, KDR, *1936)
Josh Brim (TB, KDR, *1934)
Julia Belle Brim (TB, KDR, *1951)
Frank Brimm (TB, KDR, *1927)
John C. Briner (TB, KDR, *1913)
Edna Briney (TB, KDR, *1947)
Charles H. Britt (1955 Waverly Herald)
Garnett Britt (TB, KDR, *1913)
John Britton (TB, KDR, *1945)
“Mike” Brockman (S)
Catherine Broderick (S)
Curtis Preston Brookins (TB, KDR, *1943)
John E. Brookins (TB, KDR, *1927)
Andrew Brooks (TB, KDR, *1950)
Clifford Brooks (TB, KDR, *1933)
Cordelia Brooks (TB, KDR, *1914)
Mrs. Ella Brooks (TB, KDR, *1932)
Richard Brooks (TB, KDR, *1953)
Warner C. Brooks (TB, KDR, *1927)
Stephen W. Brophy (TB, KDR, *1948)
Fredrick Francis Brosmer (S)
Anna Brossart (TB, KDR, *1930)
Geneva “Jennie” R. Browder (TB, KDR, *1943)
Ada Brown (TB, KDR, *1926)
Adam Brown (TB, KDR, *1950)
Albert Brown (TB, KDR, *1917)
Alfonzo Brown (TB, KDR, *1944)
Ananiss Brown (TB, KDR, *1921)
Artie Lee Brown (TB, KDR, *1943)
Atholene Brown (TB, KDR, *1942)
Carrie Brown (TB, KDR, *1915)
Charles T. Brown, Jr. (TB, KDR, *1936)
Charley Brown (TB, KDR, *1914)
Clemon Brown (TB, KDR, *1930)
Clyde O. Brown (TB, KDR, *1941)
Coleman Brown (TB, KDR, *1940)
Curtis H. Brown (TB, KDR, *1920)
Earl Brown (TB, KDR, *1943)
Edgar H. Brown (TB, KDR, *1937)
Ethel Brown (TB, KDR, *1931)
Eugene Brown (TB, KDR, *1913)
Hattie Brown (1953 Waverly Herald)
Heaveria Brown (TB, KDR, *1950)
Henry Edward Brown (TB, KDR, *1938)
Herbert Lee Brown (TB, KDR, *1953)
Ida May Brown (TB, KDR, *1944)
Isaac Brown (TB, KDR, *1951)
James “Jim” Brown (TB, KDR, *1938)
James R. Brown (TB, KDR, *1944)
Jim Brown (TB, KDR, *1915)
John Brown (TB, KDR, *1912)
John Brown (TB, KDR, *1933)
John Walter Brown (TB, KDR, *1946)
Kenneth Brown (TB, KDR, *1927)
Laura Brown (TB, KDR, *1917)
Lawrence Brown (TB, KDR, *1913)
Lealand Brown (TB, KDR, *1915)
Lula Brown (TB, KDR, *1931)
Mary Lucille Brown (TB, KDR, *1943)
Ollie Brown (TB, KDR, *1938)
Ottie M. Brown (TB, KDR, *1926)
Raymond Brown (TB, KDR, *1944)
Robert A. Brown (1955 Waverly Herald)
Royal Brown (TB, KDR, *1933)
Ruth E. Brown (TB, KDR, *1946)
Sam Brown (TB, KDR, *1914)
Shaderick Brown (TB, KDR, *1946)
Sherman Brown (1953 Waverly Herald)
Simmie Brown, Jr. (TB, KDR, *1939)
W. Dewitt Brown (TB, KDR, *1930)
Walter Brown (TB, KDR, *1940)
William Brown (TB, KDR, *1936)
Willie Fisher Brown (TB, KDR, *1950)
Catherine Browning (TB, KDR, *1926)
Frances Browning (TB, KDR, *1928)
Joseph Hugh Browning (TB, KDR, *1953)
Robert Brownlee (TB, KDR, *1927)
Josephine Bruch (TB, KDR, *1942)
William Thomas Brunig (TB, KDR, *1916)
John Bruk (30)
Fred Brummett (TB, KDR, *1916)
William D. Bruner (TB, KDR, *1938)
Ora Thornton Brunton (TB, KDR, *1945)
Lambert J. Brusselbach (TB, KDR, *1920)
Ambrose Bryan (TB, KDR, *1929)
James "Ivo" Bryan (TB, KDR, *1940)
Paul Bryan (TB, KDR, *1940)
William Bryan (TB, KDR, *1930)
Neal Bryant (TB, KDR, *1939)
Otis Bryant (TB, KDR, *1948)
William Brimer (TB, KDR, *1912)
James C. Buchanan (TB, KDR, *1943)
Robert Cordell Buchanan (TB, KDR, *1946)
Ruben Buchanan (1955 Waverly Herald)
Edwin Bucholz (TB, KDR, *1928)
Berryman Buck (TB, KDR, *1938)
Thomas Robert Buckler (TB, KDR, *1933)
William Buckles (30)
William Edward Buckley (TB, KDR, *1915)
Gustav Buckman (TB, KDR, *1913)
Garfield Buckman (TB, KDR, *1913)
Gill Buford (TB, KDR, *1941)
James Nelson Buggs (TB, KDR, *1951)
Booker T. Bullard (TB, KDR, *1946)
James Edward Bullett (TB, KDR, *1948)
Pete Bullion (TB, KDR, *1927)
Abe Bullitt (TB, KDR, *1915)
Jessie Bullitt (TB, KDR, *1934)
Mary Bullitt (1953 Waverly Herald)
James Henry Bullock (TB, KDR, *1951)
John William Bullock (TB, KDR, *1951)
Mary Ann Bullock (TB, KDR, *1943)
Mary E. Bullock (TB, KDR, *1913)
Elma Bunch (TB, KDR, *1939)
Erdine Bunch (TB, KDR, *1942)
Joseph Burba (1955 Waverly Herald)
John Thomas Burch (TB, KDR, *1916)
Mary Joe Burch (TB, KDR, *1930)
Ollie Houston Burch (TB, KDR, *1951)
Kittie Burchell (TB, KDR, *1915)
Cecil Henry Burford (TB, KDR, *1948)
John F. Burgess (TB, KDR, *1913)
Virginia L. Burgess (TB, KDR, *1952)
Rose Burgy (Autograph Book)
Dorothy P. Burke (TB, KDR, *1944)
Joseph Emmett Burke (TB, KDR, *1951)
Walter Burke, Jr. (TB, KDR, *1947)
James H. Burkett (TB, KDR, *1930)
Dempster Burkhart (TB, KDR, *1943)
Dewey Hobart Burkhart (G, S, 1976)
Marion Burkhart (NP)
Ada Burkley (TB, KDR, *1913)
Sadie Burks (TB, KDR, *1917)
Alvie Burnett (TB, KDR, *1946)
Lily Burnett (TB, KDR, *1929)
Gilbert Burns (TB, KDR, *1937)
Harry Burns (TB, KDR, *1912)
Mamie Ellen Burns (TB, KDR, *1942)
Adine Burnside (TB, KDR, *1938)
Mary E. Burres (G, NP)
Ruth Burress (1955 Waverly Herald)
Robert Henry Berry Burte (TB, KDR, *1915)
Alma Rose Burtley (TB, KDR, *1915)
Mrs. Burton (1955 Waverly Herald)
Abe Burton (TB, KDR, *1942)
Jordan Burts (TB, KDR, *1911)
Ben Busby (TB, KDR, *1914)
Albert J. Busch (TB, KDR, *1944)
Dora Bush (TB, KDR, *1938)
Sam Bush (TB, KDR, *1913)
Stephen Bush (TB, KDR, *1915)
Dewey Butler (TB, KDR, *1926)
Ohio Butler (TB, KDR, *1945)
Ruth Butler (TB, KDR, *1934)
Niculae Buttar (TB, KDR, *1915)
Mary Button (TB, KDR, *1915)
Earl Butts (30)
Petrie Butu (TB, KDR, *1912)
Pansy Buyer (S)
Lena Byford (TB, KDR, *1945)
Mary Byford (S)
Evelyn Bynum (TB, KDR, *1945)
Herbert Bynum (TB, KDR, *1944)
Mayme Byrne (TB, KDR, *1911)


Georgia Cabel (TB, KDR, *1934)
James C. Caddle (TB, KDR, *1945)
Tom Cage (TB, KDR, *1929)
James Cain (TB, KDR, *1915)
 Bennett Cain (TB, KDR, *1928)
Nora Caine (TB, KDR, *1933)
Cora Caldwell (TB, KDR, *1943)
Earl D. Caldwell (TB, KDR, *1942)
Frances Caldwell (TB, KDR, *1948)
John Caldwell (TB, KDR, *1938)
Rufus Caldwell (TB, KDR, *1932)
Thelma Caldwell (TB, KDR, *1920)
Virgie Caldwell (TB, KDR, *1945)
Dave Calhoune (TB, KDR, *1928)
George Callahan (TB, KDR, *1914)
James Joseph Callahan (TB, KDR, *1944)
Benjamin R. Calloway (TB, KDR, *1949)
Anna Bell Calvin (TB, KDR, *1942)
Victoria Camden (TB, KDR, *1944)
Avie Campbell (TB, KDR, *1942)
Charles Campbell (TB, KDR, *1941)
Cora Lee Campbell (S)
Edna Mae Campbell (TB, KDR, *1930)
Eva Campfield (S)
Leo A. Campion (TB, KDR, *1950)
Alice Canada (TB, KDR, *1917) 
Cephan Cannady (TB, KDR, *1950)
Cordelia Alice Miller Cannon (S)
Henrietta Cannon (TB, KDR, *1912)
Vallie Cannon (1928)
Sarah Aline Canupp (S)
Rals Caple (TB, KDR, *1911)
Mrs. Carder (1955 Waverly Herald)
William Cardue (TB, KDR, *1917)
Charles Cardwell (TB, KDR, *1913)
Theodora Carees (TB, KDR, *1936)
Bernard L. Carey (TB, KDR, *1937)
Earl Carlin (TB, KDR, *1937)
Robert Henry Carlton (TB, KDR, *1943)
Julius Carman (TB, KDR, *1934)
Ed Carney (TB, KDR, *1947)
Mrs. Lorraine Carney (TB, KDR, *1914)
Aaron Carr (TB, KDR, *1936)
Alma Carr (TB, KDR, *1940)
Anna May Carr (TB, KDR, *1920)
Edward Carr (TB, KDR, *1916)
Forrest Carr (TB, KDR, *1928)
Irene Carr (TB, KDR, *1938)
John Carr (TB, KDR, *1912)
Julius Carradine (TB, KDR, *1946)
Archie Carrico (TB, KDR, *1929)
Helen Carrier (1953 Waverly Herald)
Everett Carroll (S)
Loretta Carroll (TB, KDR, *1943)
Philip Carroll (TB, KDR, *1915)
Ruth Carroll (S)
Toney William Carrow (TB, KDR, *1945)
Oscar Samuel Carson (TB, KDR, *1947)
Carl B. Carter (TB, KDR, *1945)
Donald Carter (TB, KDR, *1945)
Earl Carter (TB, KDR, *1916)
Ernest Malen Carter (TB, KDR, *1936)
Floyd Carter (TB, KDR, *1945)
Frank Carter (TB, KDR, *1934)
George Carter (TB, KDR, *1933)
Hattie Christine Carter (TB, KDR, *1944)
James E. Carter (1955 Waverly Herald)
Otis Carter (1953 Waverly Herald)
Sue Carter (S)
Walter Carter (TB, KDR, *1927)
Elrod Cartwright (TB, NP, KDR, *1934)
Raymond Charles Casabella (TB, S)
Eugene Casey (TB, KDR, *1948)
Walker Casey (TB, KDR, *1929)
Emma (Smith) Cash (TB, KDR, *1936)
Mattie Cash (TB, KDR, *1912)
Jennie Cassady (TB, KDR, *1918)
Robert Cattlet (20)
George Caudine, Jr. (TB, KDR, *1941)
James Caudine (TB, KDR, *1941)
Ermine (Erma) Causey (TB, Autograph Book, KDR, *1933)
Patrick Joseph Cavanaugh (TB, KDR, *1945)
Helen Marie Cave (S)
Emmett Cecil (TB, KDR, *1943)
Mrs. Mary Tula Cecil (TB, KDR, *1931)
Nannie Mae Cecil (WB?)
Mr. Victor Cecil (TB, KDR, *1934)
Stephen Chambers (TB, KDR, *1916)
Virginia Gray Chancey (TB, KDR, *1953)
Caroline Catherine Chandler (TB, KDR, *1936)
Estelle Chaney (S)
Asa Chapman (TB, KDR, *1953)
Goldie Chapman (TB, KDR, *1933)
Ray Chapman (TB, KDR, *1952)
Rose Chappell (NP)
Clyde C. Cheatham (TB, KDR, *1943)
Georgie Anna Cheatham (TB, KDR, *1933)
George Check (TB, KDR, *1942)
Charles Chick (20)
Mary Elle Heath Childers (TB, KDR, *1935)
Joseph Childress (TB, KDR, *1940)
Vernal Lear Childs (S)
Fred Chinn (TB, KDR, *1946)
Rebecca Chinn (TB, KDR, *1939)
Murphy Choice (TB, KDR, *1939)
Margaret Christman (TB, KDR, *1915)
Florence Churchill (TB, KDR, *1913)
Ella Nora Cissell (TB, KDR, *1951)
Nicolous Ciucirel (TB, KDR, *1915)
Otto Clair (TB, KDR, *1914)
David Clapton (TB, KDR, *1936)
Charlie Clarile (TB, KDR, *1953)
Aline Magaret Clark (TB, KDR, *1943)
Alvin T. Clark (TB, KDR, *1936)
Anna May Clark (TB, KDR, *1915)
Elizabeth Clark (TB, KDR, *1936)
Finley Clark (TB, KDR, *1934)
Fletcher Clark (TB, KDR, *1939)
George Clark (TB, KDR, *1930)
Hattie Belle Clark (TB, KDR, *1937)
Hugh Clark (1955 Waverly Herald)
Irwin B. Clark (TB, KDR, *1941)
James Clark (20)
Lillian Clark (TB, KDR, *1946)
Lulu B. Clark (TB, KDR, *1912)
Mary Catherine Clark (TB, KDR, *1915)
Mattie Pearl Payne Clark (TB, KDR, *1949)
Milburn Nicholas Clark (TB, KDR, *1950)
Nora Ethel Clark (1953 Waverly Herald)
Rebecca Clark (TB, KDR, *1916)
Ruth Clark (G, S)
Stanley Clark (TB, KDR, *1913)
Thelma Clark (1955 Waverly Herald)
Thomas Clark (TB, KDR, *1934)
Wanda Virginia "Ginny" Clark (S)
William Clark (TB, KDR, *1933)
Daisey Clarkson (TB, KDR, *1928)
Guy Clarkson (TB, KDR, *1947)
Mildred Clarkson (NP)
Henry Clarkston (TB, KDR, *1949)
Effie Clator (TB, KDR, *1935)
Barney Lee Clay (TB, KDR, *1917)
Marion Jennings Clay alias Harry Thomas (TB, KDR, *1942)
Nellie Mae Clay (TB, KDR, *1948)
Wilma Blanche Clayton (TB, S)
William Clegg (TB, KDR, *1930)
Anna Clements (TB, KDR, *1940)
Charles Clements (TB, KDR, *1928)
Florence Clements (TB, KDR, *1928)
 Joseph L. Clements (G, S)
Jesse V. Cleveland (TB, KDR, *1944)
Bennett A. Clifford (TB, KDR, *1914)
William O. Clifford (TB, KDR, *1942)
Mrs. Ella Clifton (TB, KDR, *1934)
Jesse A. Cline (TB, KDR, *1941)
David Clopton (TB, KDR, *1936)
James M. Clore (TB, KDR, *1937)
May Clubb (30)
Edward Coates (TB, KDR, *1949)
Hallie Coates (S)
James Cobb (TB, KDR, *1930)
Ora Cobb (TB, KDR, *1935)
George Cobby (TB, KDR, *1931)
James A. Cockerel (TB, KDR, *1941)
Joseph Cody (TB, KDR, *1934)
Della Coffer (TB, KDR, *1948)
Warren Coffer (TB, KDR, *1933)
Alma Coffey (TB, KDR, *1944)
Carolyn Watterson Coffey (TB, KDR, *1945)
Elizabeth Coffey (1955 Waverly Herald)
John Coffey (1955 Waverly Herald)
Minnie Coffman (TB, KDR, *1914)
Vera Coffman (TB, KDR, *1929)
Robert Coggeshall (NP)
Norton Cohen (1953 Waverly Herald)
Samul E. Colby (TB, KDR, *1929)
Deney W. Cole (TB, KDR, *1941)
Ernest Cole (1955 Waverly Herlad)
Richard Cole (TB, KDR, *1927)
Sarah Cole (NP)
William Cole (TB, KDR, *1937)
William B. Cole (TB, KDR, *1941)
Bryant Bascomb Coleman (TB, KDR, *1952)
Cora Lee Coleman (TB, KDR, *1921)
Daisy Dee Coleman (TB, KDR, *1953)
Emma Beatrice Coleman (TB, KDR, *1932)
Frank Coleman (TB, KDR, *1943)
Guy Ernest Coleman (TB, KDR, *1950)
Hazel Coleman (RW)
Jessie Coleman (TB, KDR, *1937)
Leona Elizabeth Pettus Coleman (TB, KDR, *1948)
Mollie Coleman (30)
Oliver James Coleman (TB, KDR, *1948)
Arthur J. Colgate (TB, KDR, *1944)
Walter Collens (TB, KDR, *1918)
Will Douglas Collier (TB, KDR, *1947)
Clarence Collins (TB, KDR, *1953)
Dulcenia Collins (TB, KDR, *1935)
George Collins (TB, KDR, *1938)
Mrs. Ellen Collins (TB, KDR, *1912)
Evelyn Collins (TB, KDR, *1944)
Fannie Bell Collins (TB, KDR, *1916)
George L. Collins (TB, KDR, *1938)
Leslie Collins (TB, KDR, *1931)
Lizzie Collins (TB, KDR, *1914)
Margaret Collins (TB, KDR, *1945)
Richard Ralston Collins (TB, KDR, *1952)
Elizabeth Colvin (30)
Georgia Mae Colvin (TB, KDR, *1943)
Matilda H. Compton (30)
Nan Colvin (Autograph Book)
Ferris Payne Compton (TB, KDR, *1943)
James Comstock (TB, KDR, *1936)
Nell Conduff (TB, KDR, *1916)
Dutch Conley (TB, KDR, *1916)
Alice Gheens Conn (TB, KDR, *1935)
Johanna Connelly (TB, KDR, *1947)
Guy Conner (TB, KDR, *1914)
Marine Walker Conner (TB, KDR, *1932)
Raymond W. Conner (TB, KDR, *1943)
Louis P. Conrad (G, S)
Annabelle Conrey (TB, KDR, *1935)
Mrs. AnnaBell Conry (30)
Alice Conway (TB, KDR, *1916)
Mrs. Willie Mae Conway (TB, KDR, *1945)
Jessie Conwell (1955 Waverly Herald)
Anna Marie Coogle (S)
Clarence Cook (TB, KDR, *1946)
Ernest Cook (TB, KDR, *1929)
George (Henry) Cook (1955 Waverly Herald, S)
Henry Cook (TB, KDR, *1947)
John H. Cook (TB, KDR, *1942)
Josephine Cook (TB, KDR, *1934)
Lawrence G. Cook (TB, KDR, *1935)
Lenard Cook (TB, KDR, *1929)
Ludwell E. Cook, Jr. (TB, KDR, *1942)
Mamie Cook (TB, KDR, *1942)
Martha Cook (TB, KDR, *1950)
Virginia Cook (TB, KDR, *1939)
Arthur Lewis Cooke (TB, KDR, *1944)
Rudy Cooke (TB, KDR, *1931)
William Cooke (TB, KDR, *1939)
Lyman Cooley (TB, KDR, *1915)
Texie Anna Cooley (TB, KDR, *1915)
George Coomer (TB, KDR, *1942)
Fairsie Coons (TB, KDR, *1915)
Allen D. Cooper (TB, KDR, *1953)
Elizabeth Cooper (TB, KDR, *1937)
Estelle Cooper (S)
Joseph S. Cooper (TB, KDR, *1945)
Lizzie Cooper (TB, KDR, *1913)
May Cooper (TB, KDR, *1945)
Mildred Cooper (20)
Robert Cooper (TB, KDR, *1940)
V. S. Cooper (30)
Mrs. Vesta Cooper (TB, KDR, *1932)
Hallie Coots (S)
Samuel William Copperthwaite (TB, KDR, *1915)
Walter R. Corbin (TB, KDR, *1952)
Katie Corcoran (TB, KDR, *1912)
Charles Corneilson (TB, KDR, *1912)
Dolin Cornwell (TB, KDR, *1953)
James Corral (TB, KDR, *1915)
Beula Corum (30)
Charles Purd Corum (TB, KDR, *1944)
Florence Corum (TB, KDR, *1933)
Gladys Corum (TB, KDR, *1945)
Michael Corum (TB, KDR, *1942)
Clarence Cosby (TB, KDR, *1930)
Florence Cosby (TB, KDR, *1951)
George Cosby (TB, KDR, *1931)
Molly L. Cosby (TB, KDR, *1944)
Robert Cosby (TB, KDR, *1937)
Earl J. Cottner (TB, KDR, *1944)
Robert Hugh Courtney (TB, KDR, *1927)
Gladys Cousin (TB, KDR, *1927)
John H. Cowherd (TB, KDR, *1912)
Allen Bon Cox (TB, KDR, *1951)
Fannie Cox (TB, KDR, *1948)
John Cox (TB, KDR, *1927)
Laverne LaFreniere Cox (TB, KDR, *1946)
Leo Cox (TB, KDR, *1953)
Lizzie Cox (TB, KDR, *1929)
Martha Cox (TB, KDR, *1938)
Oliver Cox (TB, KDR, *1933)
William Cox (TB, KDR, *1933)
Mary Agnes Coy (TB, KDR, *1915)
Pat Coyle (1955 Waverly Herald)
John D. Crady (TB, KDR, *1914)
James H. Craig (TB, KDR, *1929)
Will Craig (TB, KDR, *1937)
Thelma Louise Craine (TB, KDR, *1952)
Truman Cralle (S)
Herschel R. Crask (TB, KDR, *1945)
John Cravens (30)
David Harlan Crawford (TB, KDR, *1933)
Josie Caroline Crawford (TB, KDR, *1932)
Margaret Crawford (TB, KDR, *1945)
Ruth Crawford (TB, KDR, *1933)
William Crawford (TB, KDR, *1913)
Chester T. Crawley (TB, KDR, *1947)
Florence Craycroft (TB, KDR, *1949)
James Creel (TB, KDR, *1912)
John Crenshaw (TB, KDR, *1934)
Elsie Crick (TB, KDR, *1930)
Beatrice Crider (TB, KDR, *1917)
Anna E. Crist (TB, KDR, *1930)
William Franklin Crist (TB, KDR, *1915)
Hallie Crombie (TB, KDR, *1937)
John Oliver Cronin (TB, KDR, *1935)
Alonzo Croomes (TB, KDR, *1945)
Evelyn Crooms (TB, KDR, *1944)
Janice Crosby (TB, KDR, *1926)
Mary Laraine Cross (TB, KDR, *1945)
Preston Cross (TB, KDR, *1942)
Wm R. Cross (TB, KDR, *1914)
William T. Crossfield (TB, KDR, *1945)
Herman Crowder (TB, KDR, *1949)
Napolean L. Crowder (TB, KDR, *1950)
Emmett J. Crowe (TB, KDR, *1942)
Percy Crowe (TB, KDR, *1952)
Frankie G. Crowell (TB, KDR, *1943)
Alvie Crume (TB, KDR, *1946)
Clara Minnie Crums (TB, KDR, *1946)
Albert G. Crutchfield (TB, KDR, *1943)
Amey Cucimotta (TB, KDR, *1929)
John Cuffe (TB, KDR, *1942)
Verna Culier (TB, KDR, *1951)
Charles Joseph Cullen (TB, KDR, *1949)
Cicero Cummins (TB, KDR, *1933)
Louis H. Cummins (TB, KDR, *1942)
Edward Cunningham (TB, KDR, *1945)
Albert C. Curl (TB, KDR, *1913)
Mary M. Curran (TB, KDR, *1927)
Ada Curry (TB, KDR, *1926)
Carrie Curry (G, S)
Ruby Curry (TB, KDR, *1952)
William Lewis Curry (TB, KDR, *1945)
Minnie Curtis (TB, KDR, *1913)
Mrs. Cussick (1955 Waverly Herald) 

Johama Dailey (Tb, KDR, *1945)
Carmen Daily (TB, KDR, *1943)
James F. Dalton (TB, KDR, *1940)
William J. Daly (TB, KDR, *1945)
Richard Danley (TB, KDR, *1926)
Jacob Daniels (TB, KDR, *1928)
Raymond Daniels (TB, KDR, *1949)
Joseph Pat Dant (TB, KDR, *1941)
James Darnell (NP) 
Wiley Daugherty (30)
Henry Davenport (TB, KDR, *1912)
Mary M. Davenport (S)
John J. Davern (TB, KDR, *1943)
Howard Davidson (NP)
Mable Davidson (TB, KDR, *1950)
Alexander Davis (TB, KDR, *1946)
Amy Frederick Davis (TB, KDR, *1951)
Benj Davis, Jr. (TB, KDR, *1938)
Claude B. Davis (TB, KDR, *1946)
Doris Davis (30)
Francis Marion Davis (TB, KDR, *1941)
Henry Davis (TB, KDR, *1911)
Henry Davis (TB, KDR, *1913)
Henry Davis (TB, KDR, *1949)
Homer D. Davis (TB, KDR, *1943)
James R. Davis (TB, KDR, *1935)
Jesse William Davis (TB, KDR, *1948)
John Davis (TB, KDR, *1946)
Katie Davis (TB, KDR, *1937)
Kenneth Orr Davis (TB, KDR, *1945)
Owen Cornelius Davis (TB, KDR, *1953)
Pearl Davis (NP)
Samuel E. Davis (TB, KDR, *1945)
Virgil Davis (TB, KDR, *1936)
William Arthur Davis (TB, KDR, *1948)
Willie Bennie Davis (TB, KDR, *1952)
Leo Davison (TB, KDR, *1935)
Newton Davison (TB, KDR, *1944)
Mary Dawson (TB, KDR, *1940)
Suda Dawson (TB, KDR, *1912)
Frank Day (TB, KDR, *1951)
William Day (TB, S, KDR, *1938)
Fred Deane (TB, KDR, *1934)
Sarah Dearing (TB, KDR, *1938)
Gertrude Decamp
John R. DeGraffenreid (TB, KDR, *1948)
Raymond DeHaven (TB, KDR, *1951) 
Bud Decker (S)
Raymond Decker (S)
John Joseph Deeley (TB, KDR, *1946)
Edward Deffry (TB, KDR, *1939)
Jean Dekreko (TB, KDR, *1943)
Charles Delahanty (TB, KDR, *1934)
Edward "Carl" Delahanty (S)
Mary Imogene DeMar (S)
Lester Demaree (TB, KDR, *1949)
Elizabeth Demoville (NP)
General H. H. Denhardt (NP)
Barbimeous Denning (TB, KDR, *1948)
Bertha Dennis (TB, S, KDR, *1938)
Martha Dennis (TB, KDR, *1946)
Theodore Derksen (TB, KDR, *1942)
Anna J. DeSpain (TB, KDR, *1942)
Elizabeth Devine (TB, KDR, *1934)
Virginia Devine (TB, KDR, *1941)
William Devore (TB, KDR, *1938)
Mary Agnes DeVoto (TB, KDR, *1946) 
Arthur Dewald (TB, S, KDR, *1934)
Catherine Dewald (TB, KDR, *1939))
Joseph Dewald (S)
Joseph Dewald, Jr. (TB, KDR, *1942)
??? DeWitt (Waverly Quilt)
Dollie G. DeWitt (TB, KDR, *1947)
Elizabeth Dezern (30)
Omar Earnest Dezern (TB, KDR, *1928)
Robert Dezern (TB, KDR, *1938)
Robert Louis Dezern (TB, KDR, *1949)
Ethel Dickerson (TB, KDR, *1937)
Ferrell Dickerson (TB, KDR, *1934)
Mary Louise Diebold (TB, KDR, *1953)
Lawrence F. Diehlman (NP)
Christiuus Dienes (TB, KDR, *1945)
Katie Dierking (TB, KDR, *1938)
Albert Diersing (TB, KDR, *1940)
Arthur Lee Dietrick (TB, KDR, *1951)
Matilda Leona Dillard (TB, KDR, *1947)
Mayme Lue Dillard (TB, KDR, *1945)
Edward Dixon (TB, KDR, *1934)
William Doelker (TB, KDR, *1941)
Joseph M. Doerr (TB, KDR, *1937)
Joseph Dolenger (30)
Alfred Doll (TB, KDR, *1926)
Thomas Phil Donahue (TB, KDR, *1953)
Herman Donald (TB, KDR, *1941)
James Leo Donovan (TB, KDR, *1945)
William Doran (TB, KDR, *1944)
Buy Doris, Jr. (KDR)
Ralze F. Dorr (TB, KDR, *1946)
Audrey Douglas (TB, KDR, *1953)
Emmitt Douglas (20)
Thomas Douglas (TB, KDR, *1948)
Dr. Chauncey Warring Dowden (G,S)
Andrew Dowell (TB, KDR, *1947)
Verl Downing (TB, KDR, *1937)
Beatrice Garth Downs (TB, KDR, *1952)
Clarence Doyle (NP)
Delbert Doyle (NP)
Walter Doyle (TB, KDR, *1912)
George William Dozier (TB, KDR, *1945)
Edward Draine (TB, KDR, *1941)
Martha Drake (TB, KDR, *1939)
Naomi Drake (TB, KDR, *1942)
Joseph Drana (TB, KDR, *1940)
Catherine Drescher (TB, KDR, *1939)
Evelyn Chittenden Drescher (TB, KDR, *1945)
Charles E. Dressel (TB, KDR, *1943)
George Drexler (TB, KDR, *1951)
Mildred Drexler (TB, KDR, *1941)
Wade H. Drury (TB, KDR, *1942)
Ben Dryden (TB, KDR, *1912)
Lena Earl Dugan (TB, KDR, *1928)
Sue Hinkle Dugan (TB, KDR, *1950
Minnie Mae Duggins (TB, KDR, *1942)
Edgar Dulin (TB, KDR, *1943)
Love Franklin Dulin (TB, KDR, *1946)
Dempsey Dunaway (TB, KDR, *1921)
Leon Dunbar (NP)
Arnold Duncan, Sr. (TB, KDR, *1950)
Ben Duncan (TB, KDR, *1947)
Emmet Duncan (TB, KDR, *1912)
George E. Duncan (TB, KDR, *1926)
Jessie Duncan (TB, KDR, *1945)
James Wilber Duncanson (TB, KDR, *1952)
John S. Duncanson (TB, KDR, *1942)
James Miller Dundon (TB, KDR, *1948)
Carry Dunkake (TB, KDR, *1945)
Benj Dunn (TB, KDR, *1936)
Ira Dunn (TB, KDR, *1938)
Lola M. Dunn (TB, KDR, *1934)
Sarah Dunn (TB, KDR, *1911)
Helen Louise Dupree (TB, KDR, *1951)
Alma Durbin (TB, KDR, *1946)
Guthrie Austin Durbin (TB, KDR, *1946)
Frank Durch (TB, KDR, *1951)
Alfred Durden (TB, KDR, *1941)
John Durham (TB, KDR, *1947)
William Durham (TB, KDR, *1943)
Dee Durrett (NP)
Albert Duvall (TB, KDR, *1942)
Mrs. Duvall
Richard Duvall (TB, KDR, *1942)
Albert Duvalle (S)

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