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Welcome to the Waverly Hills Memorial & Historical Research Group.
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This message board is for the gathering and communication of information pertaining to Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Woodhaven Geriatric Center, and the memorial site.

1. DO NOT post on this message board any negative comments, negative personal views, unrelated ghost stories, personal religious beliefs, or political opinions. For unrelated ghost / paranormal stories please see the links section for these sites / yahoo groups.

2. DO NOT post directions to the building, as this is a public forum and can be viewed by anyone. There ARE people who trespass and damage the property, which is detrimental to our goals so please keep this in mind. Remember, not all would be vandals know where the building is.

3. We DO NOT tolerate any bad-mouthing, excessive arguing or offensive language. I'm sure there will be some disagreements but we need to be mature enough to keep the property's best interests in mind. For example, anyone interested in helping restore the building won't stick around when they see consistent or offensive negativity from a group that is supposed to have positive goal.

4. The final & most important rule Have FUN!


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