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Official Waverly Hills Sanatorium/ Woodhaven Geriatric Center Memorial & Historical Resource

Patients of W.H.S. & W.G.C. (M to P)
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What is TB (Tuberculosis)?
Treatments for TB Patients
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Levels of the Main Sanatorium Building (Built in 1926)
Surrounding Buildings
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WHS / WGC Timeline of Events
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Louisville, KY TB Death Rates
Patients of W.H.S. / W.G.C.
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  Ida May M???? (TB, 30)
Laura Mace (TB, KDR, *1928)
Charles Mack (TB, KDR, *1948)
Esriel Mack (TB, 30)
Lucy Mack (TB, KDR, *1944)
Greta Macnautt (TB, 30)
Effie Maddox (TB, KDR, *1941)
James Maddox (TB, KDR, *1935)
Lilly Maddox (TB, KDR, *1926)
Thomas Maddox (TB, KDR, *1939)
Renata Mader (TB, KDR, *1934)
Allie Lorraine Madison (TB, KDR, *1951)
William Madison (TB, KDR, *1928)
Wyat F. Madison (TB, KDR, *1937)
Georgia Maeler (TB, 30)
Lawrence Magel (TB, KDR, *1947)
Louis Magwood (TB, KDR, *1946)
Mattie B. Mahoney (TB, KDR, *1928)
William Patrick Mahoney (TB, KDR, *1953)
Anna Majors (TB, KDR, *1935)
Scott Mallard (TB, KDR, *1935)
George Mallory (TB, KDR, *1941)
Charles Malone (TB, KDR, *1938)
Richard Clement Manemann (TB, KDR, *1953)
Clay Manning (TB, KDR, *1950)
Albert Dudley Mansfield (TB, KDR, *1911)
Richard Edward Mansfield alias Walker (TB, KDR, *1947)
Christine Thomas Manson (TB, KDR, *1940)
James A. Maples (TB, KDR, *1953)
Edward Marcino (G,S)
Mrs. Marcino (G,S)
William Mark (TB, KDR, *1935)
Ida Mae Markwell (TB, KDR, *1943)
Mary Catherine Markwell (TB, KDR, *1946)
Patrick Marley (TB, KDR, *1946)
Margaret Maron (TB, KDR, *1940)
Lilly Marshall (TB, KDR, *1934)
Elvee Marshell (TB, KDR, *1937)
Georgia Lee Marshell (TB, KDR, *1948)
Thomas Marshell (TB, KDR, *1941)
Charlie Martenis (TB, KDR, *1941)
Anna Lee Martin (TB, KDR, *1937)
Bessie Martin (TB, KDR, *1947)
Charles G. Martin (TB, KDR, *1951)
Charlie Martin (TB, 30)
Early Martin (TB, KDR, *1942)
Ellen B. Martin (TB, KDR, *1935)
George L. Martin (TB, KDR, *1942)
Gladys Martin (TB, KDR, *1947)
Hubert Herbert Martin (TB, KDR, *1948)
Hugh James Martin (TB, KDR, *1945)
Jean Edith Martin (TB, KDR, *1940)
John Martin (TB, KDR, *1912)
John Martin (TB, KDR, *1944)
John J. Martin (TB, KDR, *1952)
Lorna Martin (TB, KDR, *1934)
Minnie Martin (TB, KDR, *1939)
Nina Martin (TB, NP)
Regina Rose Martin (TB, KDR, *1948)
Robert Leon Martin (TB, KDR, *1948)
Standley Martin (TB, S, KDR, *1937)
William E. Martin (TB, KDR, *1937)
Kathleen Marton (TB, KDR, *1945)
Elizabeth "Bettie" C. Marwe (TB, KDR, *1943)
Esther Marx (TB, KDR, *1942)
Cartyenious Mason (TB, KDR, *1947)
Mae Bell Masse (TB, KDR)
L. H. Massis (TB, 30)
Clyde Owen Massox (TB, KDR, *1949)
John William Masters TB, KDR, *1911)
Laura U. Masterson (TB, KDR, *1943)
William Mathews (TB, KDR, *1937)
James Matthew (TB, KDR, *1932)
Edward Matthews (TB, NP)
John Matthews (TB, NP)
Bernard Mattingly (TB, KDR, *1935)
Dorothy Mattingly (TB, NP)
Elbert Leroy Mattingly (TB, KDR, *1952)
George A. Mattingly (TB, 30, KDR, *1932)
Joseph Alonzo Mattingly (TB, KDR, *1941)
Joseph Vincent Mattingly (TB, KDR, *1946)
Lula Mattingly (G, S)
Ollie Mattingly (TB, KDR, *1948)
Roy V. Maurer (TB, KDR, *1942)
Emma Max (TB, 30)
Maude Maxey (TB, KDR, *1946)
Felix Maxwell (TB, KDR, *1947)
Houston Maxwell (TB, NP)
Nathaniel Maxwell (TB, KDR, *1950)
George A. Mayberry (TB, KDR, *1938)
Walter Mayer (TB, KDR, *1940)
Hufhay Mayers (TB, KDR, *1912)
Alice Mayes (TB, KDR, *1932)
Archie Mayes (TB, KDR, *1935)
Katie Mayfield (G, S)
James Albert Mayhall (TB, KDR, *1912)
Jessie McAdams (TB, NP)
Robert McAleese, Sr. (TB, KDR, *1942)
Dorothy McAtee (TB, KDR, *1939)
Robert Charles McBride (TB, KDR, *1949)
Lawrence McCabe (TB, KDR, *1943)
Mabel McCarthy (TB, KDR, *1948)
Albert McCarty (TB, KDR, *1912)
George McCauley (TB, KDR, *1939)
William McClain (TB, NP)
Christine McClaskey (TB, KDR, *1912)
Chalmas McClellan (TB, KDR, *1946)
Raymond McClelland (TB, KDR, *1942)
Bonnie McCloud (TB, NP)
Tony McClure (TB, KDR, *1946)
Louis Britton McCollum (TB, KDR, *1953)
Charles McCoomer (TB, KDR, *1946)
Harvey C. McCoy (TB, KDR, *1945)
Jessie Lee McCoy (TB, 30)
Thomas McCoy (TB, NP)
John McCracken (TB, KDR, *1943)
James McCrae (TB, KDR, *1926)
Margie McDaniel (TB, NP)
Charles McDonald (TB, KDR, *1912)
Doris Jean McDonald (TB, KDR, *1946)
George McDonald (TB, KDR, *1953)
John McDonald (TB, KDR, *1942)
Mary McDonough (TB, KDR, *1938)
Howard McElroy (TB, KDR, *1948)
Joseph Lee McElroy (TB, KDR, *1948)
Paul McElroy (TB, KDR, *1939)
B. K. McGary (TB, NP)
Hyman McGary (TB KDR)
Wilhelmina McGary (TB, NP)
Dorothy McGee (TB, KDR, *1942)
Hyman McGee (TB, KDR, *1937)
Mack McGee (TB, KDR, *1932)
Martha Lane McGee (TB, KDR, *1940)
Ray Fulton McGee (TB, KDR, *1945)
 Dorothy McGill (TB, KDR, *1945)
Laura Mae McGill (TB, KDR, *1944)
Riley McGinnis (TB, KDR, *1946)
Wesley McGlassou (TB, KDR, *1939)
James McGoff (TB, KDR, *1911)
William McGowan (TB, KDR, *1912)
Anna Mae McGraw (TB, KDR, *1945)
S? McGrew (TB, KDR, *1944)
Charles Louis McGruder (TB, KDR, *1949)
Margaret McGuffy (TB, KDR, *1946)
Charlotte McGuire (TB, KDR, *1946)
Robert McKechnie (TB, 30)
John H. McKenzie (TB, KDR, *1939)
Pearl McKinney (TB, KDR, *1937)
Andrew H. McLaughlin (TB, KDR, *1951)
Florence McLaughlin (TB, KDR, *1917)
Elmore McLaurin (TB, KDR, *1945)
Eugene W. McMichael (S)
Joseph Edgy McMillen (TB, KDR, *1949)
Thomas Lewis McMonoman (TB, KDR, *1912)
George W. McMurray (TB, KDR)
William Edward McNabb (TB, KDR, *1950)
Bertha McNairy (TB, KDR, *1934)
Edward McNeill (TB, KDR, *1946)
Benjamin McPherson (TB, KDR, *1951)
Kent McPherson (TB, KDR, *1938)
Myrtle McQuady (TB, 30)
Earl McQuillen (G, S)
John McQuillen (TB, KDR, *1936)
James McReynolds (TB, KDR, *1934)
D. Wilmoth Meadors (TB, KDR, *1938)
Harry Meeks (TB, KDR, *1934)
Stella Meffert (TB, KDR, *1912)
Clarence Stephen Meier (TB, KDR, *1936)
Stanely Melcher (TB, KDR, *1946)
Alex Melton (TB, KDR, *1936)
Robert Menees (TB, KDR, *1912)
Frank Mercer (TB, KDR, *1947)
Mrs. Catherine Meredith (TB, KDR, *1932)
Denny E. Meredith (TB, NP)
Elwell O. Meredith (TB, KDR, *1944)
Grady L. Meredith (TB, NP)
Leonard Meredith (TB, KDR, *1946)
Lewis Meredith (TB, 30)
Minnie Meredith (TB, KDR, *1936)
Thomas Meredith (TB, KDR, *1947)
Tony Lilliard Meredith (TB, KDR, *1952)
Christine Merkle (TB, KDR, *1937)
John R. Merrick (TB, KDR, *1947)
Nellie Metcalf (TB, NP)
Robert Metcalf (TB, KDR, *1938)
Harold W. Metcalfe (TB, KDR, *1932)
John Breckinridge Metts (TB, KDR, *1952)
August Meyer (TB, NP)
John L. Meyers, Jr. (TB, KDR, *1946)
Mr. Middleton (TB, NP)
Zelma Middleton (TB, KDR, *1932)
Alma Delphina Miles (TB, KDR, *1936)
Clarence Miles (TB, KDR, *1940)
Daisy Miles (TB, KDR, *1937)
Edward Miles (TB, KDR, *1944)
Ethel Miles (TB, KDR, *1936)
George Edward Miles (TB, KDR, *1945)
William Henry Miles (TB, KDR, *1949)
Albert Miller (TB, KDR, *1934)
Catherine Elizabeth Miller (TB, KDR, *1938)
Charles P. Miller (TB, KDR, *1944)
Clara Lee Miller (TB, KDR, *1951)
Drane Miller (TB, KDR, *1949)
Elizabeth Miller (TB, S)
Elnora Miller (TB, 20)
Harold B. Miller (TB, KDR, *1940)
Hattie Bell Miller (TB, KDR, *1947)
Helen Miller (TB, S, KDR, *1938)
Ida Bell Miller (TB, NP)
Jessie Miller (TB, KDR, *1944)
John Russell Miller (TB, KDR, *1928)
John William Miller (TB, KDR, *1927)
Leva Miller (TB, NP)
Lizzie Miller (TB, KDR, *1946)
Luther Miller (TB, KDR, *1948)
Mary E. Miller (S)
Mary Elizabeth Miller (S)
Mary Elizabeth Miller (TB, KDR, *1948)
Matilda Miller (TB, S)
Nellie Thomas Miller (TB, KDR, *1945)
Ollie Miller (TB, KDR, *1951)
Raphael Miller (TB, KDR, *1940)
Rhodes L. Miller (TB, KDR, *1942)
Theodore V. Miller (TB, KDR, *1942)
Thomas Linzy Miller (TB, KDR, *1934)
Viola Miller (TB, KDR, *1938)
Walter Miller (TB, KDR, *1946)
William M. Miller (TB, KDR, *1951)
Willie Miller (G, S)
Felix Milliner (TB, KDR, *1936)
Ernest Amos Mills (TB, NP)
Ernest Mills (TB, NP)
Otis Mills (TB, KDR, *1945)
Stewart Mills (TB, 30)
Ethel Milton (S)
Dorothy L. Minton (TB, KDR, *1949)
Willard Minton (TB, KDR, *1940)
Ida Mae Miracle (TB, S)
Claude D. Mitchell (TB, KDR, *1942)
Dennie L. Mitchell (TB, KDR, *1934)
Elaine Mitchell (TB)
Elois Marie Mitchell (TB, KDR, *1953)
Flossie Mitchell (TB, KDR, *1942)
Hattie Mitchell (G, S)
Hazel Marie Mitchell (TB, KDR, *1952)
Iva Lee Root Mitchell (S)
Mary Mitchell (TB, KDR, *1936)
Pauline Mitchell (TB, KDR, *1949)
Pearl Mitchell (TB, KDR, *1941)
Raymond Mitchell (TB, KDR, *1950)
William Mitcheltree, Jr. (TB, KDR, *1943)
Hattie Mivelaz (TB, KDR, *1934)
Arthur Mobley (TB, KDR, *1952)
Lettie Mobley (TB, KDR, *1939)
Rudolph A. Moeller (TB, KDR, *1946)
Arthur Barty Moffett (TB, KDR, *1943)
Alma Art Moneypenny(TB, S)
Herbert R. Monroe (TB, S)
Louise Paris Monroe (TB, KDR,*1948)
Caroline Mont (TB, 20)
Ellis Montgomery (TB, 30)
Francis Montgomery (TB, 30)
Frank Montgomery (TB, KDR, *1945)
Grady Montgomery (TB, KDR, *1949)
John Thomas Montgomery (TB, KDR, *1938)
Thomas Montgomery (TB, KDR, *1945)
Virgie Montgomery (TB, KDR, *1921)
Leroy Moody (TB, KDR, *1937)
Marshell Moody (TB, KDR, *1932)
Sallie Moody (TB, KDR, *1935)
Robert Moone (TB, KDR, *1940)
William J. Mooney (TB, KDR, *1937)
Charles Moore (TB, KDR, *1943)
Duke Moore (TB, KDR, *1943)
Florence Moore (TB, 30)
George Moore (TB, KDR, *1911)
George Moore (TB, KDR, *1952)
James Moore (TB, NP)
Joanne Moore (G, S)
John Ella Moore (TB, KDR, *1946)
John Henry Moore (TB, KDR, *1944)
Lena Moore (TB, KDR, *1940)
Marion Gladys Moore (TB, KDR, *1948)
Mary Helen Moore (TB, S, KDR *1946)
Myrtle Rollings Moore (TB, KDR, *1945)
Otis Clarence Moore (TB, KDR, *1945)
Sarah Moore (TB, 30)
Sarah Moore (TB, KDR, *1935)
Thomas Moore (TB, KDR, *1941)
William Henry Moore (TB, KDR, *1944)
Alvin Morgan (TB, KDR, *1947)
Edward Morgan (TB, KDR, *1948)
Peter B. Morgan (TB, KDR, *1952)
Ruth Morgan (TB, KDR, *1952)
William E. Morgan (TB, KDR, *1946)
Charles Griffin Morris (TB, KDR, *1952)
Edward Morris (TB, KDR, *1948)
Elizabeth Beasley Morris (TB, KDR, *1952)
Elizabeth Estille Morris (TB, S)
Henry Morris (TB, KDR, *1945)
Orbrey Morris (TB, KDR, *1940)
William Emmit Morrison (TB, KDR, *1948)
Mamie L. Morrow (TB, KDR, *1952)
Larkeena Green Morton (TB, KDR, *1940)
William Robert Morton (TB, KDR, *1944)
Virgil Mosely (TB, KDR, 1928)
Lucy Mosely (TB, KDR, *1928)
Ray T. Moss (TB, KDR, *1938)
Charles Moster (TB, NP)
Joseph Motachman (TB, KDR, *1940)
Charles William Motley (TB, KDR, *1944)
Lucille P. Mottley (TB, KDR, *1948)
John A. Mountjoy (TB, KDR, *1932)
Margaret Mudd (TB, NP)
Mary Jean Mudd (TB, NP)
J. George Mueller (TB, KDR, *1951)
Ruth Mullikin (TB, KDR, *1938)
Mary Mullin (TB, KDR, *1911)
Elizabeth Mullins (TB, KDR, *1952)
Oliver Mullins (TB, NP)
Henry Munday (TB, 30)
Chester D. Munford (TB, KDR, *1934)
Bedford Murphy (TB, KDR, *1947)
Harry Lee Murphy (TB, KDR, *1928)
James Edgar Murphy (TB, KDR, *1945)
Beatrice Murray (TB, KDR, *1942)
John H. Murray (TB, KDR, *1946)
Mary Louise Murray (TB, KDR, *1947)
Whedbee Murrel (TB, KDR, *1947)
Berna Murry (TB, KDR, *1946)
William Musselman(TB, S)
James Brisco Myrel (TB, KDR, *1946)

Sarah Catherine Nalley (TB, KDR *1941)
Thomas Nalley (TB, KDR, *1940)
Elizabeth Nally (TB, KDR, *1932)
    Cordelia Nanny (TB, S)
Cecil Napier (TB, KDR, *1942)
Henry V. Napier (TB, KDR, *1948)
James W. Napier (TB, KDR, *1939)
Sue Nash (TB, KDR, *1948)
Mal William Naughton (TB, KDR, *1945)
Virgil Ludell Neece (TB, KDR, *1928)
Mike R. Neenan (TB, KDR, *1949)
James W. Neff (TB, KDR, *1934)
Oscar Negley (TB, KDR, *1939)
Nancy Neisius (TB, KDR, *1951)
Elmer Nelson (TB, KDR, *1941)
Herman G. Nelson (TB, S)
John Thomas Nelson (TB, S)
Leonard Nelson (TB, KDR)
Samuel Nessman (TB, KDR, *1928)
Rose Nett (TB, KDR, *1944)
Abe Netter (NP, TB, -1928 Halloween Court Jester-)
Ruby Lee Newby (TB, KDR, *1953)
Arthur Newman (TB, KDR, *1942)
Ernest Paul Nichols (TB, KDR, *1946)
 Glenn Nichols (TB, S, KDR, *1943)
Robert Layman Nichols (TB, KDR, *1951)
Samuel K. Nichols (TB, KDR, *1940)
Elmer Nichter (TB, KDR, *1944)
Lillian Nichter (TB, KDR, *1934)
Robert L Nichter (TB, S)
Henry Nieder (TB, KDR, *1939)
Russell Francis Nieman (TB, KDR, *1943)
Marie Beatrice Niemann (TB, S)
Hazel Pate Niner (TB, S)
Miss Malinda Elizabeth Noe (TB, KDR, *1934)
Timothy Nolan (TB, KDR, *1935)
Bernard E. Norris (TB, KDR, *1941)
John L. Norris (TB, KDR, *1951)
Esther Lee Northington (TB, KDR, *1944)
William Northington (TB, KDR, *1949)
George Norton (TB, KDR, *1938)
George L. Norton (TB, KDR, *1937)
Nellie Louise Norton (TB, KDR, *1951)
Unice Nucklois (TB, KDR, *1935)
James Walter Nunley (TB, KDR, *1926)
Emmelean Lashley Nunn (TB, KDR, *1953)
??? Nutt (Waverly Quilt)


Lula O'Bannon (TB, NP)
Adam Oberleis (TB, KDR, *1946)
Irvin R. O'Bryan (TB, S)
James D. O'Bryan (TB, KDR, *1938)
James L. O'Bryan (TB, KDR, *1940)
    John J. O'Connor, Sr. (TB, NP, KDR *1953)
Hewitt Offord (TB, KDR, *1912)
Susan M. Ogden (TB, KDR, *1944)
Aaron Oglesby (TB, KDR, *1938)
Monroe G. Oglesby (TB, KDR, *1936)
William Ogsley (TB, 30)
Lillian Oller (TB, KDR, *1937)
Mary Elizabeth Oller (TB, S)
Howard Olmstead (TB, KDR, *1945)
Edgbert H. O'Mary (TB, KDR, *1951)
Jessie O'Nan (TB, KDR, *1938)
Paul O'Nan (TB, NP)
Noble O'Neal (TB, KDR, *1941)
Elizabeth O'Regan (TB, KDR, *1911)
Lillie Mae Orenic (TB, KDR, *1939)
Raymon Orr (TB, KDR, *1938)
George Orvis (TB, 30)
Verdie Osborn (TB, KDR, *1928)
David Monroe Osbourne (TB, KDR, *1934)
Bennett O'Shanie (TB, KDR, *1945)
Joseph O'Shanie (TB, KDR *1948)
Edna O'Shonie (TB, KDR, *1938)
Louise Osterholt (TB, KDR, *1941)
Fred Otte (TB, NP)
Frank Outcalt (TB, KDR, *1928)
James Bryce Owen (TB, KDR, *1938)
Mary Isabelle Owen (TB, KDR, *1926)
Evelyn R. Owens (TB, KDR, *1951)
Mary Lamb Owens (TB, KDR, *1937)

Ethel Padget (TB, KDR, *1912)
Cecile Page (TB, KDR, *1935)
James Page (TB, 20)
James William Page (TB, KDR, *1944)
Margeret Page (TB, KDR, *1935)
Margaret Page (TB, KDR, *1941)
William Page (TB, KDR, *1943)
John Palmer (TB, KDR, *1937)
William Palmer (TB, KDR, *1926)
Joseph Paparodis (TB, KDR, *1950)
John Pappas (TB, 30)
Quourz Pappos (TB, 30)
Charley Pardue (TB, KDR, *1937)
John A. Pardue (TB, KDR, *1934)
Raymond Pardue (TB, KDR, *1937)
Edmond Parham (TB, KDR, *1936)
Margaret Parido (TB, KDR, *1938)
Henry T. Parker (TB, KDR, *1928)
Louis W. Parker (TB, KDR, *1952)
Mattie Belle Parker (TB, KDR, *1950)
Paul Parker (TB, KDR, *1942)
Henry Parrish (TB, KDR, *1934)
Mamie Parrish (TB, KDR, *1928)
Marvin Kirk Parrish (TB, KDR, *1932)
Osdenia Parrish (TB, KDR, *1945)
George R. Parrott (TB, KDR, *1947)
Bueford Parsons (TB, KDR, *1928)
Ella Belle Parsons (TB, KDR, *1950)
William Robert Paschall (TB, KDR, *1945)
Hilary Pate (TB, KDR, *1937)
Charles Patterson (TB, KDR, *1939)
Dorlene Patterson (TB, NP)
Fannie Patterson (TB, KDR, *1917)
Frank Patterson (TB, KDR, *1934)
Leslie Elmore Patterson (TB, KDR, *1953)
Mary Elizabeth Patterson (TB, KDR, *1949)
Ozie Patterson (TB, KDR, *1942)
Loretta Patton (TB, KDR, *1928)
Jesse Paul (TB, KDR, *1934)
Albert Payne (TB, KDR, *1912)
Alice Payne (TB, KDR, *1912)
David E. Payne (TB, KDR, *1912)
Eugene Payne (TB, KDR, *1934)
Mary Payne (TB, KDR, *1944)
Robert E. Payne (TB, KDR, *1948)
Henry Clay Payton (TB, KDR, *1947)
Roberta Payton (TB, S)
Omer Peabody (TB, KDR, *1944)
Harold Peak (TB, NP)
Joseph Peak (TB, KDR, *1912)
Albert Pealor (TB, KDR, *1951)
William Pearce (TB, KDR, *1944)
Anna Margie Pearl (TB, KDR, *1949)
Bess Pearl (TB, KDR, *1943)
Albert Pearson (TB, KDR, *1928)
J. P. Pearson (TB, KDR, *1926)
Florence Pedigo (TB, KDR, *1941)
Lillie Pelton (TB, KDR, *1936)
Oma Pence (TB, KDR, *1947)
Carl Pendleton (TB, KDR, *1944)
Fred Pendleton (TB, KDR, *1939)
Victor Pendleton (TB, KDR, *1946)
Nellie Mae Penn (TB, KDR, *1944)
Christine Perkins (TB, KDR, *1928)
Frank Perkins (TB, 30)
Hugh Perkins (TB, 30)
Joseph Perrin (TB, KDR, *1938)
Edwin Perry (TB, KDR, *1937)
Gilbert Perry (TB, S)
Leonard Perry (TB, KDR, *1932)
William Perry (TB, KDR, *1934)
Anne Pete (TB, 30)
Charles Petty (TB, KDR, *1912)
John Petty (TB, 30)
Mrs. Petty (TB, NP)
William Pevlor (TB, KDR, *1928)
William Pfersebing (TB, KDR, *1944)
Joan Phelps (TB, KDR, *1945)
Beula Phillips (TB, KDR, *1936)
Charles Adolphus Phillips (TB, KDR, *1943)
 Edith Phillips (TB, S)
Herman Phillips (TB, KDR, *1935)
Orie Lee Phillips (G, S)
William Phillips (TB, KDR, *1943)
Zettie Phillips (TB, KDR, *1930)
Frank Philpott (TB, NP)
Joseph Philpott (TB, KDR, *1934)
Edward Pibbs (TB, KDR, *1947)
Carolyn Pigg (TB, KDR, *1951)
Nellie Ruth Pillows (TB, KDR, *1944)
David Piotrski (TB, S)
Russell Pirkey (TB, 30)
Ella Mae Pitts (TB, KDR, *1943)
Andy B. Poh (TB, KDR, *1951)
Sam Pollock (TB, KDR, *1934)
John R. Polston (TB, KDR, *1952)
Emmitt Poole (TB, KDR, *1950)
Pauline Poole (TB, KDR, *1941)
Bark Pope (TB, KDR, *1941)
Charles H. Porter (TB, KDR, *1937)
Harry Porter (TB, KDR, *1937)
Kelley Porter (TB, KDR, *1937)
 Nora Carroll Porter (TB, S)
Patrick C. Portman (TB, KDR, *1943)
Leda Mae Poteet (TB, S, KDR, *1951)
Robert Lincoln Potter (TB, KDR, *1949)
Steve Potter (TB, KDR, *1947)
Warren Potter (TB, KDR, *1947)
??? Potts (Waverly Quilt)
O. S. Potts (TB, KDR, *1948)
Mattie Poulter (TB, S)
Henry Pound (TB, KDR, *1912)
Agnes Powell (TB, KDR, *1945)
John Powell (TB, KDR, *1937)
Sanford Powell (TB, KDR, *1944)
Alexander Campbell Powers (TB, KDR, *1944)
Juanita (Regina) Powers (NP, TB, -1928 Halloween Queen-)
John Poynter (TB, 20)
Edward Pracht (TB, KDR, *1932)
Claude Preston (TB, KDR, *1940)
Emma Preston (TB, 20)
James Preston (TB, KDR, *1940)
Edward Prewitt (TB, S)
Elizabeth Price (TB, KDR, *1911)
Frank Price (TB, KDR, *1946)
Freddie Lee Price (TB, KDR, *1949)
Marne Estelle Price (TB, KDR, *1945)
Melvina Price (TB, KDR, *1939)
Sam Price (TB, KDR, *1939)
Pearl Priddy (TB, KDR, *1932)
Wilbur Priddy (TB, KDR, *1950)
Annie Alberta Proctor (TB, KDR, *1951)
Hazel Pruitt (TB, KDR, *1941)
Savannah Pruitt (TB, KDR, *1938)
William Gordon Pryor (TB, KDR, *1949)
Oral Puckett (TB, KDR, *1942)
Ruth Evelyn Puckett (TB, NP)
Ruth Presley Puckett (TB)
Bailey R. Pulliam (TB, KDR, *1945)
Fred William Pulliam (TB, KDR, *1945)
Grace Pulliam (TB, KDR, *1939)
John Logan Pullium (TB, KDR, *1943)
Susie Pullium (TB, 30)
Louise Pumphrey (TB, KDR, *1934)
Bessie Purcell (TB, 30)
Leonard Pursell (TB, 30)

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